The IAKL’s members include legal professionals of Korean descent, and others interested in the development of the legal profession in Korea and within overseas Korean communities.

The executive leadership of IAKL consists of two Co-Presidents: A Korean President and an Overseas President. The co-presidents serve for staggered terms of two years. IAKL’s Bylaws provide for additional officers.

The oversight function is provided by a Board of Directors. The Korean President and the Overseas President are members of the Board of Directors.

The IAKL’s overseas membership also includes Regional Governors from around the world. 

IAKL Officers and Board of Directors

Officers (Korea)

  • President: Mi-Hwa Chung
  • Treasurer: Yully Kang
  • Vice President: Jai Wook Lee
  • Vice President: Eunice Kim
  • Secretary General/Vice President: Chung Hwan Choi
  • Secretary/Executive Director: Soomin Lee
  • Auditor: Seung-Jae Baek

Directors (Korea)

  • Byoung Seon Choe
  • Yong Seok Ahn
  • Seungcheol Baek
  • Jeong-won Chae
  • Jae Seong Choi
  • Yeonah Chung
  • Pillkyu Hwang
  • Youngjin Jung
  • Kwon Hoe Kim
  • Sae Youn Kim
  • Jeong Han Lee
  • Se-In Lee

Officers (Overseas)

  • President: Lisa J. Yang
  • Vice President: Sabina Han
  • Treasurer: Peter J. Rho
  • Secretary: Kelly Lee
  • General Counsel: Min Suh
  • Technology & Membership Chair: Alex Kim

Directors (Overseas)

  • Peter Lee
  • Kenneth Cho
  • Albert Cho
  • Peter Kang
  • Jean Kim
  • Jennifer Lee
  • Jinho Alex Yim
  • Lisa J. Yang
  • Michael Yim

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